10 reasons M&S in Colchester should not close down

10 reasons why we decided to start a petition…

10 reasons why M&S in Colchester should not close down


The news that M&S have decided to close their high street store in Colchester has sent shockwaves through our community. Many people have long since lamented the decline in our town centres, retail has had a battering over the last few years and we all know this.

  • Online Shopping
  • Covid -19
  • Brexit
  • The Cost of Living crisis

All have been given as reasons why the retail industry is in decline. But does that mean we should all give up or are there reasons to be optimistic and fight for our towns?

Many people agree that 18 months of lockdown have had a huge impact in the resurgence of retail shopping.

We can all see with our own eyes that the towns are busy again, cafe’s are full, shops are bustling and booking a table at a restaurant requires several days planning.

Yes online shopping is here to stay but what is very clear is that people WANT to keep their town centres, they want to have a central place they can easily get too to meet people, do a bit of shopping and enjoy being able to do something that many of us missed so much during lock down.

Here are 10 reasons why M&S in Colchester high street should not close down:

1.      The closure of M&S will have an utterly devastating effect on many small businesses in the town.

The closure of M&S will be like a Dominos effect. one or two larger stores close resulting in less footfall for smaller stores who will have no option but to close too. it’s simple mathematics.

2.     We do not believe the claims by M&S that the closure is due to the store making big financial losses.

The truth is that if M&S in Colchester was not profitable, they would have just pulled out altogether and not open a massive superstore just down the road.

We have heard for several years now how M&S have made great progress especially their food halls. We know the Colchester store is always busy with queues at the tills every day. This store has been making money, the question is has it made enough money for the Bosses liking? we think it is likely a question of greed not profitability.

3.     Larger stores such as Fenwick will be severely affected by the closure.

As many M&S customers use the carpark behind Fenwick and also shop there too. We risk losing this store if M&S is not saved. Fenwick need M&S and M&S need Fenwick! Its a numbers game.

4.     It is a complete disaster for our environment

With more cars requiring longer journeys to get to M&S we estimate some journeys could take up to an hour or more just to travel to the M&S in Stane Park in Tollgate.

5.     Many elderly, disabled and young families without transport are unable to get to Tollgate

The average bus journey to get there could take up to an hour! Plus there is a considerable walk.to get from the bus stop to M&S many people would rely on 2 buses. Its simply not practical!!!

6.     The life and soul of our historic and cultural centre of Essex will be ripped out,

Colchester is the oldest recorded town, The Council is trying to go for City status. At this rate there won’t be a city at all. the loss of M&S will be the caused of the death of our local parks, museums, cafés and restaurants and Library. as well as many other facilities.

7.     Small businesses across the town will suffer even the ones who are not in the town centre.

It doesn’t need explaining that if one small business closes it will have an impact on 10 other small business they rely on for supplies and services. Again its simple maths.

8.      We’ve lost enough stores already due to liquidation.

The loss of Debenhams and BHS and others is already bad enough. We believe that more needs to be done to ensure that profitable stores such as Next and M&S remain in our town centres

9.     People do not want to lose our town centres

There used to be a saying that said the Customer is always right. We hear it up and down the country almost universally that people do not want to lose their town centres. It would seem that for large retail stores Profits are more important then customer satisfaction.

We believe the people of Colchester have had enough and want to make M&S listen to our view point. We are the customers after all.

10.     Retail Parks are gridlocked and lack sufficient parking.

Tollgate and Stane Retail Park is already hopelessly gridlocked and has insufficient parking to cope with the additional M&S store.

This area became a problem as soon as Sainsbury open their huge store a few years ago. Just take one look at their outrageous car park and you’ll want to keep well away Since then B&Q have moved up their and now M&S. It will put people off and could spell disaster for M&S. We have nothing against this retail park or against M&S opening a store there but this should not be at the expense of the Town centre. M&S need to keep a presence in the town centre too!!!


Sign our Petition

If you agree then let your voice be heard and sign our petition and like and share it on social media everywhere you can!!

Keep Colchester high street M&S open


What else can I do?

Write to your local MP Will Quince Write to the chairman of M&S and the CEO
Will Quince MP,


4 Wyncolls Road,

First Floor,



CO4 9HU.

Steve Rowe – CEO Marks & Spencer

Archie Norman –  Chairman Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer

Waterside House,

35 North Wharf Road

London, W2 1nW





Other email addresses:



For contact details to write to local councillors

Here is a link to the CBC website: Colchester Councillors

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If you would like to write and need some help we can provide useful templates, just email me on the contact form on this website!

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