Ruffled Feathers

Ruffled Feathers

I’m very aware that over the last few years I’ve ruffled a few feathers amongst those who think they know me quite well. A few have expressed concerns over some of my views expressed on social Meda or in my Blog. Others are visbily irritated about my outspoken political views. I’ve even had conversations with people who have concerns around the kind of people I chose to associate myself with.

Off course my Intention is never to offend people or just to annoy people for the sake of it. That would be neither gracious nor commendable. However I am glad that my lifestyle is raising a few eyebrows and maybe just slightly challenging the status quo. You see, all of the above, is true, I am very outspoken on social media about politics and my views on things may not always follow the main stream beliefs and yes I do spend a lot of time with people who maybe don’t fit in the category of a “good Christian”. All of this is quite deliberate, not to offend people, but because I have been through a number of deep and powerful spirtual awakenings over the last 10 years which have shaped and changed my behaviour.

So what is the issue?

You see part of my revelation is discovering that God communicates with mankind on multiple frequencies many of which I had never tuned into before.

I’ve learned that most Christians only experience God and communicate with Him on 3 very specific frequencies. These three freqencies on which they receive revelation from God are as follows:

  • Natural world

We look at nature and are often inspired and awe struck by its beauty. It gives us a heightened awareness of the presence of God. We feel blessed and inspired and this is a form of communion with God through his Holy Spirit.

  • Personal “quiet times”

Many Christians will spend at least some time in quiet prayer, reflection or Bible reading. These times, sometimes very infrequently, are times when we receive from God, albeit on a very specific frequency only

  • Church community

A lot, and I would say the majority, of our Spritual experiences are often in the context of our Church community. We are quite used to having powerful spritual experiences during times of worship, or times when others pray for us (often as part of our worship services) and off course most likely through the messages we listen to from our Christian leaders

The problem with all  this is that, altough these are valid and important ways for us to grow, these are only three, very narrow, ways to receive truth from God and have a spiritual experience. The result is that our spirtual growth, wisdom and maturity is hindered. We have blocked out many other forms of receiving knowledge. This might be a shock to some people but God has never limited himself to only bringing revelation to humanity via the Christian Community. Its obvious, but of course, there are many other frequencies in which God interacts wiith Mankind.

Wild Lions hunt for food

Don’t get me wrong we can easily survive on this for many years but it won’t really fulfil us. Its a bit like comparing a tamed lion in a zoo with a wild one. He gets given his portion of meat on a daily basis and he doesn’t have to work very hard for it. Eventually it becomes tamer and loses his ability to hunt for food. God wants you to hunt for Him, to search for Him everywhere you go. Its a life full of adventure and you will discover Him in the most unusual places.

Ultimately all truth and knowledge come from God. So by opening ourselves up to other forms of knowledge such as science, philosophy and yes, even other religions and “secular” sources we can not only learn a lot more about God we also learn a lot more about ourselves. At the very least it causes us to use our brains. We learn to filter out the good stuff from the bad stuff. It helps us detect when real deep truths are being expressed sometimes from the least expected places. Remember Balaam? God needed to use a donkey to communicate with him. If he can use a donkey he can use anything!

God is alpha and Omega. He is the beginning and the end, and this world we live in is full of his Glory, you just need to know where to look.

There are some obvious reasons why the church has developed this insular behaviour. One  is the fact our church leaders want to protect us, because of fear of bad signals and “false Doctrines”. Maybe there is also some fear that people will leave the church if they listen to other forms of wisdom that don’t come from the pulpit.

In reality though there is a much more fundamental reason why the church has remained so insular. This reason is much more sinister. It has to do with our world view which has been shaped by some very poor theology. But to read more about this you’ll have to wait till my next blog……

I bet you can’t wait. 🙂


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2 Responses

  1. Mim says:

    Maarten! You are wonderful. I have loved watching your walk with God, and how you and your family love, serve and embody Jesus in each their own way. Keep on in your integrity and inspiring others to live with and like Jesus. Your love for the people that “maybe don’t fit into the category of ‘good Christian'” is the very thing that should show the world that the Holy Spirit is with you! That’s the very heart of God – James 2:5 says it all!
    I’m always encouraged by you and your wonderful family. Go on being yourselves! Haters gon’ hate 🙂

    • JMaartenW says:

      Thanks Mim! you are greatly blessed among women. Your wisdom is advanced in years way beyond your actual years on this planet 🙂

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