Is it a truth or is it a fear?

Quaker Style

This Sunday we had a great Quaker style morning meeting.

Sometimes its neccecary to just meet together without any Razzmatazz and allow God to speak and bless us in the stillness.

Its in the moments of stillness that you really know that God is here with you, its real, intimtate and full of truth.

God took the opportunity to speak to various individuals through pictures, words and impressions during the meeting.

Some were very personal and very powerful. Some were meant to be shared with everyone too!

If your’re ever in doubt there is no doubt, in these special moments, that our relationship with God is something tangible and real, and certainly more then just a feeling.

Like the writer of the Take That song in the album The Circus is asking:

Is it a truth or is it a fear?
Is it a rose for my Valentine?
What is love?

Is it only words I’m trying to find
Or is it the way that we’re feeling now?
What is love?

A pain or a cure, a science of faith
A reason to fall to your knees and die
What is love

the chorus goes like this:

Only you can save me now
Only you can heal me now
Only you can show me now
What is love?

Interestingly the writer does not anwser the question in this song but intentionally or not the next song in the album enlightens us all.

It’s not a spark that gives me light
It’s not the days, I’m up all night
Is it a story I have read
Or a picture in my head?

It’s not the world that pulls me through
It wasn’t a question before I knew
It was just an answer here by my side
I found it out just in time

It’s you, yeah
It’s you, it’s you

Take That

are correct when they sing these songs, Love is more then a feeling it is a person, the one true God.

Whenever we make time for him and spend time in his presence what we feel is Love, there is never any sense of judgement, fear, or condemnation. only overwhelming love and comfort.

Angela had a wonderful picture during this morning of Jesus coming towards her and standing close in front of her.

She describes beautifully how she looked deep into his loving compassionate eyes, whilst he cupped her face in His hands and told her:

“Remember I am always here, I am always by your side!”

Then she was told

“Share it! You must tell Everyone!”

What a great story we have to tell, “…Today I met with Jesus and He told me to remember He is always with me!

We should never allow fear to take control in our lives, no matter what the worry or the anxiety is because HE is always with us.

Thank God for Take That! Truth can be found everywhere…!

here is the song have a listen yourself:

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